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Your vendor of IoT platform cloud services, providing and enabling Security & Smarthome services.

Why Theoinnovation

Theoinnovation offers an affordable, and an open IOT (SmartHome / Home automation) service platform, where focus is oriented on services instead of products. No nonsense.

We believe in open standards, and freedom of choice of add-on accessory devices.
So BYOD (bring your own device) is mandatory on our system. We do – however – provide a listing of approved products.


Besides approved BYOD, we do support the following categories of products.
Specifications, and products will be provided on written request. Info@theoinnovation.dk


Controllers & Apps

With the  Theo app, you can, control your smart devices with a simple tap. Add your favorite products, and control them from another room or another country.


Door Locks & Access

Simple smart lock that fits directly over the deadbolt on the back of your door. It will work with any smartphone using Theoapp that lets you lock and unlock your door with a tap.



Protect your family and monitor activity on your property. With an IP camera, environmental sensors and motion detectors into a compact frame.



Turn the temperature up or down from anywhere in the house with Theoapp. Controller and set a different heating/cooling schedule for every day of the week.


A / V & Wiring

The Theoapp unites your digital music collection, HiFi wireless speakers and components in one app that you control from any device and enjoy your music.


Lights & Appliances

Remotely control the upper or lower outlet independently - from a wall switch in the same room - or from your smartphone on the other side of the world.


Two of the most prominent radio networks in home automation are ZigBee and Z-Wave. Both of these technologies are mesh networks, meaning there's more than one way for the message to get to its destination.

Theo Innovation

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      Z-Wave uses a Source Routing Algorithm to determine the fastest route for messages. Each Z-Wave device is embedded with a code, and when the device is plugged into the system, the network controller recognizes the code, determines its location and adds it to the network.

    2. zigbee-logo

      ZigBee's name illustrates the mesh networking concept because messages from the transmitter zigzag like bees, looking for the best path to the receiver. While Z-Wave uses a proprietary technology for operating its system.

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      Wireless Network

      Using a wireless network provides more flexibility for placing devices, but like electrical lines, they might have interference. Theoinnovation offers a way for your home network to communicate over both electrical wires and radio waves, making it a dual-mesh network.




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